Vinyl banners are a cost effective way to advertise or provide information. They can be stand alone, in floor standing retractors or wrapped over an existing solid panel sign. We design and produce banners based upon your intended use.

Banner Media Types

Banner vinyl is available in a variety of "weights", typically referred to as ounces (oz). 


10 oz. (or thinner) - Really thin material good for indoor installation only. We don't stock material of this weight.


13 oz. - This is our standard low cost material. It is good for short term outdoor use (less than a month) and only if installed in an location that doesn't see strong winds. Perfect for indoors. This material is not completely opaque, so we only will print on one side.


18 oz. - This heavy duty material is used for banners destined for longer term outdoor installations or where the wind could potentially destruct a lighter duty material. 18 oz. material is opaque and can support 2-sided printing.


Mesh - We also produce banners on a lighter weight mesh material that allows 35% air flow through the material....without really sacrificing too much in graphics quality. Ideal for installation on chain link fences where wind can stress a solid surface banner.

Banner Finishing

Standard banners - We install grommets every 2-3 feet around the perimeter (or as directed by you) of the banner for mounting with ropes or bungee cords.


Ropes - We will install non-stretching ropes on the top and bottom of banners.


Pole Pockets - For banners to be located between mounting poles, we'll add the necessary material and sew the pockets to accommodate your pole diameter. Most pole pocket banners are 18 oz. and printed on 2-sides.


Wind Holes - If the banner is going to be subject to strong wind, we will cut wind holes in the banner to allow some relief of the stress on caused by wind catching the banner.


Changeable Content - Many of our banners are used year after year by our customers, with only a date change required each year. We'll work with you to add that content in as editable. Simply drop the banner off each year and for a nominal fee we'll revise the date or other information.

Retractable - Banners can be installed into retractable systems (much like an old projector screen) for easy transport and attractive display at indoor events.