Miscellaneous Stuff


Our latex printer and vinyl cutter/plotter can be used to produce a variety of high quality items from posters, to wall hangings, to heat press vinyl images.  We even produced and installed graphics onto EATON's new welding curtains at their Waukesha facility -- shown in the gallery above.  We can also produce stencils for masking.


We can produce photographic quality posters on glossy poster material, backlit/lightbox film, weather proof poster paper and just plain paper.

If you supply us with artwork that is ready to go, we can typically turn a poster (up to 54" wide) in one day.

Heat Press Images

Heat pressing takes vinyl designed for fabric installation and bonds it to the fabric using heat and pressure.  The advantage to heat pressing is no minimum quantities to cover screen costs.  We have installed logos on several popup tent valances.