Graphic Types

Cut Vinyl

For designs that only utilize a couple of colors, cut vinyl is a durable and economical option.  Solid color vinyls are rated for a minimum of 7 years of outdoor use.

Advanced Vinyl

Reflective, diamond plate (shown), florescent, brushed steel, foils, etc. are available to show off your design.

Magnetic / Temporary

If you occasionally use a personal vehicle for business, magnetic or Unistick decals are an option.  We only use 30 mil magnetic material designed for vehicles.

Printed Vinyl

We produce full color graphics sets that are designed to last for many years on a vehicle.

Typical Process

Initial Consultation

Bring you vehicle to our shop or send us pictures of the sides, front and back....along with the make, model and year.  We can discuss what you have in mind for the graphics and your budget.

Graphic Conceptual Design

From our initial consultation we can typically put together a few vehicle design concepts for you to review.  We can also give you a pretty good idea of cost to produce and install the graphics.

Design Approval and Graphics Production

Once we have a design that you are happy with, we can go ahead and produce the graphics set.  This typically takes a few days unless there's a particular vinyl type that isn't readily available.  We stock many of the standard colors we can we match colors on printed graphics.

Installation Scheduling and Drop Off

We typically install the graphics at our shop.  Our shop door is 14' tall, so most vehicles can fit in quite easily.  A key drop box is available for off hours vehicle drop offs.

(We also do graphics installations at your facility if requested.  We do charge for travel and, in the rare event that a graphic decal gets wrecked during installation, we may not be able to finish and would need to schedule a return trip.)


Once your decal set is produced and the vehicle is at our shop (or available at yours), we can install the graphics.  If the vehicle is really dirty, we recommend washing it prior to dropping it off.  We do thoroughly clean, degrease/dewax the areas where we install the graphics.  Most installations take 4-8 hours.  We will do our best to not disrupt your use of the vehicle, so most drop offs and pickups are within a day.  We'll contact you when the installation is complete.

After Installation

Warmth and sun accelerate the curing process of the vinyl adhesive graphics.  Under nominal conditions, the adhesive in the decals will be at full strength within a week.  We recommend not power washing the vehicle during the first week after installation.